Hear what people who have a Peter of their own think of their newest peacock friend…


“I love this book! It sends a great message to young readers about acceptance and inclusion in a way that children can relate to, through sport. I’ll definitely be reading this to my son and recommending it to my colleagues.”
– Monique (Mother and Teacher)

“This is a great book for children about finding what you are good at, going out, and having fun. The children love Peter and all the animals in the story, and are drawn in by the illustrations. Peter the Perfect Peacock works well in line with the EYLF as children consider their strengths and individuality. Can’t wait to read the next books in the series!”
– Clare (Kindergarten Teacher)

“Peter the Perfect Peacock is an amazing and bright children’s book with a fabulous underlying message. Superbly written and beautifully illustrated. A great book for kids of all ages and my go to present for children.”
– Olivia (Podiatrist and Aunty)

“I bought this book for my niece and I love it. So pretty and engaging.”
– Sophie (Gallery Manager)

“What a fabulous book with a great underlying message and brilliant illustrations. I have recommended Peter the Perfect Peacock to all of my friends with children, nieces/nephews”
– Madison (Paramedic and Aunty)

“I love reading Peter the Perfect Peacock to my daughter. Not only is it a fabulous and uplifting children’s book, but it also shows her that each one of us is different and your friends like you, for just being you.”
– Natalie (Mother)

“A great read, I loved the use of animals as characters which children can relate to so much easier. It showed that it’s OK for everyone to be different and special in life in their own way. Can’t wait to read book two!”
– Deb (Grandmother of 2)